Interior Design Tips from Rhonda

Are you interested in sprucing up your home without spending an arm and a leg? Consider Rhonda’s tips for the best DIY interior decorating. She is a master of making the biggest impact with just a little tweaking.

According to Rhonda, one of the most simple changes to instantly add visual appeal to any room is to lower whatever artwork is adorning the walls. Art is best appreciated when it is hung at eye level. In addition, don’t feel as if you need to display artwork on every wall in the room. You will find that your space offers something more visually when you cluster art on one or two walls rather than keep the frames spread out.

What about times that require you to decorate a large room, which can be an intimidating amount of space to bring interior design? Rhonda offers a fabulous suggestion. Try filling a room with ample space with large-scale furniture and artwork that matches the amount of square footage that you are working with. If you believe in the philosophy of less is more, go for one massive piece. For example, why not add one huge piece of art over your couch? One focal point, such as this can do wonders in a room that is already quite spacious.

Of course, not everyone can afford sizable artwork. If this is you, don’t worry! This is the opportunity to display some DIY skill. Look around your room and select a color that you like, so long as it is not the primary color of the space. Purchase a blank canvas and then paint it the color you chose, using the same paint you would apply to a wall. It will cost you very little, and there is pretty much no way you can mess this project up. If you need extra inspiration, do a Google search on Ellsworth Kelly, a famed abstract artist. Pieces such as this he has created hang in the Whitney Museum!

What about those teeny spaces? Rhonda suggests heading for the door. That’s right! Paint it a bold color, such as glossy black, to give the room some instant pizzazz without getting into any valuable part of the home. In addition, this project will take you no more than two hours.

Say you can only turn your attention toward one room regarding interior decorating. How do you help the rest of the house to look amazing? According to Rhonda, you fiercely edit those rooms that are left over. Keep only the essentials each room needs, free of clutter. When the time comes that you can redecorate these rooms, they’ll be ready. In the meantime, they’ll carry a sense of calm, and you can tell guests that you are focusing on a minimalistic approach.

What about Rhonda’s ideas regarding the living room? She tells us that it’s important for a living space to have a comfy place to sit, a place to rest your drink, and an area for reading a book. Most people settle for the school-dance approach, where every area to sit is against the wall. Rhonda recommends pushing the furniture together and toward the room’s center. The occasional table and chair help to create a functional sitting area. This promotes an intimate atmosphere, one ripe for conversation.

As for lighting, bright light can be considered the enemy. A cozy ambiance is possible when one installs dimmers or opts for extra-soft white bulbs with 40 watts. This is a small investment that packs a huge visual punch.

What if you have a room that instantly bores you? Most “blah” rooms are just so due to lack of color. This is a great starting point. Place a rug in the room that you adore. From there, you have a color palette to work with. A modern decor style is complemented with geometric designs, or a multi-colored stripe pattern helps set the tone for a traditional space. Pull the colors you want to use from the rug, and pick up accent colors for your pillows, etc. Rhonda says violet is certainly a gorgeous color to spruce up your space.

Another tip, Rhonda suggests trying. Don’t overthink changes. Just try them! Think outside the box. Sometimes moving the blue chair into your green living room can produce amazing results. Be willing to play around and see what works.