Condo Renovations

Give your condo more than a face-lift, give it the condo renovation it needs.

Everyone knows that Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are home to some of the largest condo rental areas in the country. These are some of the most popular spots and they continue to grow in popularity year over year. Rhonda and the team at R. Richardson Interiors can help make your condo shine again, whether you want to prepare to rent it out, sell the unit, or renovate it for your second home, there’s an opportunity to revamp what’s already there and turn it into great design again.

Condo renovations can take on many forms, and it’s not always easy for condo owners to choose the right designer for their project. At R. Richardson Interiors, the team knows that every detail needs to be considered, brought into focus and delivered as promised. With years of experience helping condo owners and developers bring big dreams to life, Rhonda knows what it takes to deliver a high-end project, in a highly-sought after area, on time and on budget.

Renting condos can be big business when you marry the wonderful location of Myrtle Beach and the design skills and talent of R. Richardson Interiors. Revamping a condo means considering the many possible needs and desires of renters, planning for how they will use the space, while considering the needs and wants of the developer and building owners. It’s something that requires a lot of experience so that everyone gets what they want, and sometimes, renters get more than they ever imagined with the right level of design and execution. R. Richardson Interiors adds the personal touch to take it to the next level to keep your guests coming back year after year.

Good design makes for comfortable living. Great design can change lives. R. Richardson Interiors is about great design. We live and breathe it so our clients can enjoy the spaces we create. Working with developers, condo owners, and potential renters means managing a lot of needs at once.

If you are looking for an experienced interior designer to make your condo marketable and desirable in the area, contact R. Richardson Interiors today. Rhonda and her team are ready to help make your rental goals a reality.