Builder Services

Full-Service Interior Design Firm Offering Builder Services

For a contractor and home builder, it can be difficult to find an easy-to-work with design firm that understands the demands and deadlines of a home building project. As a leading design firm in North Myrtle Beach, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top builders, architects, and contractors in the area. If you are looking for a professional, detailed-oriented, and reputable interior designer to work with your clients to create the perfect look for a house, look no further. We know that you don’t take recommendations lightly and we strive to represent your company’s choice in interior design while ensuring that we deliver the custom, high-quality design services our firm is known for.

Professional interior designer to compliment your new home build

As a full-service interior design firm, R. Richardson Interiors does more than just help make
client homes look amazing, we help ensure that the foundation for the home is equally cared for. When you work with Rhonda and the team here at R. Richardson Interiors, you’ll be gaining access to some of the most respected and accomplished builders, architects, and general contractors around. Rhonda has spent the last 22 years building her team and she works with only the best.

As part of her interior design services, Rhonda assists in all of the details related to the building process and helps home builders and their clients to navigate the sometimes complicated building process, while continuing to move forward with the important design elements of the home. Working with clients to build new construction and complete home remodels in North Myrtle Beach is something that Rhonda and her design team have come to welcome and thoroughly enjoy. Her clients would say the same about working with her. Always on the look-out for new opportunities to make statements for homeowners and create great collaboration between her team and builders, Rhonda has truly found the balance of what it takes to create great design and execute on that great design.

Building services include: 

  • New construction and remodeling – our team consults with builder, homeowner or both to ensure everything is professionally completed as expected;
  • Blueprint evaluation and review – having a proper plan is vital to the success of any design or building project. We assist in the blueprint fine tuning so your finished product is exceptional. 
  • Building selection and scoping of projects – ensuring that you get what clients pay for and are delighted with our services while helping them choose the right building, location, or space for their next project;
  • Building design and complete project overview – taking a building from idea to implementation;
  • Window and roofing consultations for new and existing projects – our team will oversee all of the details related to overhauling your building, home or space;
  • Drywall and finishing services and walkthroughs – down to the last touch, our team ensures that the homeowner gets a great looking finish and a home, office, or building they can be proud to show off.

For more information about collaborating on a home build, contact Rhonda and the team at R. Richardson Interiors today.