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R. Richardson Interiors, LLC features a variety of interior designing and decorating services which you may not know exist. For instance, did you know that R. Richardson Interiors, LLC can help you select interiors such as flooring and cabinets when you buy a new home? Or, did you know that R. Richardson Interiors, LLC can help with space planning, traffic planning and clutter-free organizational planning for any type of space: from apartments to town homes to large, beachfront homes? R. Richardson Interiors, LLC can do all of this for your home and more!

As our valued client, R. Richardson Interiors, LLC seeks to provide you not only with quality custom interiors, but also exceptional service throughout the design process. There are numerous meetings which will take place throughout the design process. The first step in the design process is a no-obligation, initial design meeting. During the initial design meeting you can expect the following:

Initial Design meeting:

  1. We will discuss the space which is to be designed, take pictures from various optimizing angles and take any needed measurements (if the initial design meeting takes place in your existing home.)

  2. We will discuss current furniture items which you may want incorporated into the final design, and case goods and upholstery selections for any new furniture pieces.

  3. We will listen to your style guidelines-whether that be contemporary, transitional, classic, romantic or anything in between.

  4. We will discuss color and texture choices for the space and how these selections will affect the atmosphere and feel of the designed space. We will specifically discuss these selections for window treatments, including: draperies, blinds, shades, shutters and top treatments.

  5. We will look at blueprints for optimal space planning, traffic patterns for optimal traffic flow and organizational options for potential points of clutter.

  6. We will listen to any accessory requirements or types of accessories to be incorporated into the final design, such as: lamps, art work, greenery, rugs, vases, bowls and iron work.

Preliminary Proposal:

Once we have gone over these items and any additional items you would like to address, we will prepare and present a preliminary proposal and basic design of the space. If you accept the preliminary proposal, we will complete a detailed proposal and comprehensive design plan which we will go over with you in the next design meeting.

Detailed Design Meeting:

It is during this detailed design meeting that we will give you the following items:

• Detailed Proposal & Timeline
• Layout & Space Plan
• Exact Color, Texture and Fabric Swatches
• Window Treatment Styles & Window Coverings
• Furniture Styles
• Any additional needs required to complete your job

And finally…if we have answered all of your questions and have put together an interior plan which we hope will give you the dream home you have always wanted-we will get started on implementing your custom interior design plan.

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